About Us


Kent Philpott, Author/Host

  Kent has been a prolific writer since the early 1970s. He is a graduate of Sacramento State University, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, and San Francisco Theological Seminary. He has been a pastor in Marin County, California for over 50 years and since 1984, Senior Pastor of Miller Avenue Baptist Church in Mill Valley, California. 


katie Philpott, Editor/Designer/host

Associate Pastor of Miller Avenue Church in Mill Valley, California, Katie Philpott is a graduate of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. She is a book designer and editor at Earthen Vessel Media with a background in design and facilities management. Katie also hosts several media shows.


media production

Currently, Kent and Katie Philpott host and produce four television programs broadcast via the Community Media Center of Marin and YouTube:

The Bible Study

Why We Are Christians

The Imam and the Pastor

The Rabbi and the Pastor


Kent Philpott, Speaker

 Kent Philpott makes an excellent

interview guest, due to his ability to

explore a wide range of topics with the

host without preparation delays.